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Can i change the font size-font type in a post? October 10, 2007

Posted by fofo in MS Office, Wordpress.
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That is not so easy to answer. 

If you have bought the CSS Upgrade you can change all aspects of font / font size / font colour but having said that you cannot change the default font your theme uses. If you want to do this, you must do this all the time.

Font size can be changed using the inline CSS and the html editor in the post tools. I have edited my posts to size 16 points, face Americana BT and color Navy using following tag inserted after each tag in my post. 

This is text with new font type and size.

If you wonder why the wordpress people cannot allow or do this for you and you have to do the above for every line in your post, is that they cannot alter a theme to accommodate your choice of font size, because the wordpress.com is installed in a multi-user software system and that change will affect all the users using that theme.

With CSS you can create classes or IDs and define their characteristics  if you purchase CSS upgrade.

Of course if one has downloaded the latest version of the wordpress software and installed it in a web server of his choice he can change the style.css file and then font size and type will reflect to all the posts.

All my comments on wordpress refer to those who choose wordpress.com as their web host.

Last but not least we can add or edit existing posts(changing font size and color) by using, MS Word 2007.we can connect and post to our blog from word 2007, harnessing all the powerful(including a superior editor).An interesting article can be found here

Someone might ask, “Why on earth should i use MS word to write to my blog?”

well some of the reasons are

  • It has good spell checking
  • It has  native support for WordPress built right in, making setup pretty easy.
  • It is also convenient for some people to blog from within the MS Office suite, rather than firing up a browser or using another HTML editor.
  •  Word 2007 does a good job of avoiding any strange Word HTML, and strips it down to simple code.
  • The ability to format and manipulate images from within Word, and then upload them along with your blog entry.
  • The new 2007 Word has some amazing image tools, like adding three dimensional effects to static images, perspective shadows, image shape alterations, skew and distort… and the quality of the output is amazing.