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About Me

Hello all!!!!!!

My name is Nikolaos Kantzelis, I am 33 years old and I come from Greece.

I have obtained 3 degrees (1 Bachelor and 2 Masters) in IT from British
universities and have university and commercial experience in a variety
of IT technologies such as:

Delphi, JAVA, ASP-VBScript, VB6.0, HTML, XHTML, CSS, PHP, JAVASCRIPT, T-SQL, XML, ASP.NET 2.0, VB 2005, C#, AJAX, DotNetNuke Implementation and Development, SQL Server 2005, Office 2003, Office 2007.

I hold numerous microsoft certifications. If you want to check out my certifications

then click here . the transcript ID is 770585 and access code is msexams13

At the moment i am looking into new microsoft technologies that ship with the latest version of the .NET Framework(3.5) like ASP.NET, WPF,WCF,LINQ and the new IDE Visual studio 2008.
I live and work in Athens as a freelance software and web applications trainer. I also design and develop web and custom solutions for people from all walks of life. Some web sites i have been recently working on,include:






I am going to use this blog as a medium of reaching out to all people that are interested in web development and database design and implementation by using the great facilities that wordpress blog software offer.

I am also the administrator of a new community dedicated to DotNetNuke for greek web developers,students,enthusiasts.

It can be reached at : http://www.dotnetnuke.gr

you can contact me in this email info@dotnetnuke.gr

Visit this site to find out more about workshops,seminars. It is a greek website that has information about seminars in a range of subjects like information technology,marketing,sales,negotiations.

Happy blogging !!!

P.S Most of the times i will post in english but some posts will be in greek :)



1. chris - September 8, 2007

nice site

2. Lia - December 23, 2007

Hi Niko. This is Lia. Greek too, and age – much older than you, not ready to retire though…
At my work – in a Municipality – it’s common when someone can write on PC to look like the supernova of the office. I’m not. I can type, I was somehow keen on learning word, excel, pp and net without manuals. But, that so far. Now I’m in trouble. (they won’t kick me out …)
I’m responsible for the project of the animals (Adespota Zoa), and I decided to create … something to help people learn about the project. I couldn’t use our dimou mail (because they pay for every page). I made a blog, but doesn’t goon as expected.
Since web pages on Internet are most common, please please tell me Where Should I start to create a Web page (I cannot pay for buying special packages). In past years it was easy to write on word and save it in Netscape where you could make corrections in appearance and finally find a host etc. etc.
Where should I start?
Can I start on Word or do I need something more sofisticated?

Thanks a LOT if you can answer my request, or even read this.



3. Working with DAL (data access layer), BLL(Business Logic Layer) in asp.net web applications « DOT NET RULES - November 26, 2008

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4. Mandar - December 9, 2008

pls mail me your article

5. fofo - December 9, 2008

what article?it is all here in this blog!!!!

6. Rafia - March 17, 2011

Good Discription of Business Logic Layer

7. Foram - July 13, 2011

I read your article about DAL and BLL and i found it excellent i just have few question what if i don’t want to use insert,update,delete through inbuilt methods then how should i manage those methods?I think through store proceude is better idea please let me know.also now I want to change the architecture of my code and i want to use silverlight ,WPf services,entity datamodel so can u send me the sample if you have any?or MVC i am new for both of them.I will appritiate if u email me more on silverlight or MVC or if you have any simple article please send me the links.


8. vinoth - September 19, 2011

Hi I need to develop a website for reports(Productivity Report) using visual studio 2010 with sql server 2008 reporting service and the back end as Oracle 10 g. Please guide me how to do or provide any sample to me..

Thanks in Advance

9. karthik - December 24, 2011

hai Nikolaos Kantzelis this is karthik from india.yours is a awesome work i was confused a lot of things in c#.net but after visiting your blog everything is cleared now iam clear in concepts please provide me further details about overloading and overriding and please send me a simple program which has both overloading and overriding concepts and i have a doubt that if we have declared 3 different variables in a method and we override that with 4 different variables is it possible please tell me thanking you my id is karthiksupreme1986@gmail.com.

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