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Reviewing “Getting Started with nopCommerce” book July 11, 2013

Posted by fofo in ASP.Net MVC.

Usually I am not reviewing software books but recently I have purchased and read Getting Started with nopCommerce

The overwhelming majority of  my websites are built using NopCommerce (ASP.Net MVC,Entity Framework,JQuery).

I am a senior developer at a small company (NopServices – http://www.nopservices.com ) that use NopCommerce as the shopping cart of choice, so I grabbed this book just out of sheer curiosity.

I use this book to help content writers/managers who work under me at my day job acclimated to NopCommerce so that they are able to take the sites I have built, add products, add content and in general make all the necessary configurations.

This book is rather short is very easy to read and understand. The whole learning experience is smooth because of the many screenshots that appear in the book.

In the first chapter, the reader can understand what are the prerequisites and requirements in order to work with NopCommerce. Then we learn how to install the various components, install SQL Server and Visual Studio if we want to perform any custom development. We also learn how to install NopCommerce and set the necessary permissions.

In the next chapter we are introduced to the storefront and the customer experience. Everything is explained thoroughly and there are so many screenshots in this chapter that make the learning experience smooth and fun. Category, manufacturer and product detail pages are explained. Shopping cart,one-page checkout process are also demonstrated.

In the third chapter an overview of the administration site in NopCommerce is provided. We learn how to create categories ,manufacturers, add new products, set up product attributes and variants.

In the fourth chapter we learn about the various configuration settings and how we can tweak them to have our store operate in the way we want. We learn how to set up payment methods, shipping methods, manage taxes, edit topics and install plugins.

In the fifth chapter we learn how to process orders. We learn to look into the various components of a customerʼs order, how to manipulate orders and how to process orders.

I found the book fairly straightforward to read and simple enough for me to understand.

The  layout of the information is simple to follow and the chapter structure makes it easy for you to skip to and focus on the features you want to most understand and use, rather than being restricted to a ‘beginning to end’ approach.

It is a practical guide to get your first NopCommerce e-commerce site up and running very quickly. So If you are planning to use NopCommerce, I would highly recommend it.



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