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Disable Inline editing in DotNetNuke April 18, 2008

Posted by fofo in DOTNETNUKE.
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One question I often get in DotNetNuke seminars is how to disable the InLine editing that allows us to edit the content of module titles and Text/Html module contents by clicking on them in the browser window and typing. That is great feature for some people but some people just do not like it. It is really simple. Just Log in as Admin. then Just Click Admin from the menu. Then click Site Settings and scroll down until you find the Advanced Settings, expand the node and then click on the Usability Settings. Expand the node and in the Inline Editor Enabled? option just uncheck it and click Update. That is all!!!!



1. Mervin - October 1, 2008

Hi thanks for that tip, we’re having the reverse issue, probably someone has already ansered this but I haven’t found it as yet.

The Issue,
We want to turn on the Inline editor, I’ve followed the above steps however only the inline editor for the title is showing. The content area doesn’t give the mouse-over pencil to activate the inline editor. Is there something I need to do differently? Is there a setting I need to activate in host. We’re using DNN version 4.8

Any assistance would be helpful

2. fofo - October 1, 2008

make sure you are in the design view and not in the view mode

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